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Conduct Case Process/Conduct Complaints Summary

The Conduct Case Procedures can be found in the Candidate Guidebook. The procedures will be used to process all matters concerning possible violations of the standards in the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board (PTCB) Code of Conduct. This Policy applies to individuals certified by PTCB (certificants) and all individuals seeking PTCB certification (candidates). The Procedures represent an informal process for the resolution of all PTCB conduct matters. A party may choose to be represented by an attorney during a conduct matter at his/her own expense.

In order to initiate a conduct review matter, the individual or organization submitting a charge (complainant) must complete a Conduct Charge Statement form, available at or by contacting PTCB at (800) 363-8012. In addition, PTCB may initiate a Conduct Complaint as the result of information received from a government or public source, such as a State Board of Pharmacy.

The PTCB Resolution Officer will review the information received and determine if the information in the Charge Statement, or received from the government or public source, supports a Complaint. If so, a Conduct Complaint and Investigation Notice (Conduct Complaint) is issued to the certificant/candidate who is the subject of the Complaint.


A certificant/candidate who is the subject of a Conduct Complaint is required to provide a complete and accurate response to each of the allegations in the Conduct Complaint. In this Complaint Response, the certificant/candidate may choose to have the case resolved either by the Resolution Officer based on the written materials, or by the Conduct Review Committee (CRC) following a telephone hearing. During the course of the case review, each party will be offered the opportunity to provide additional information, and to respond to information presented by the other party. At the conclusion of the review period, the Resolution Officer or CRC will issue a decision based on the information and material provided by the parties.


The Conduct Review Committee is composed of at least three (3) current Certified Pharmacy Technicians (CPhTs) and two (2) Pharmacists. Each Conduct Complaint hearing will be conducted by a panel of three (3) Conduct Review Committee members.


While a conduct case is under review, PTCB may issue preliminary actions or orders under certain circumstances. For example, PTCB may ask a certificant to accept a voluntary suspension until the Conduct Case is resolved. Similarly, PTCB may issue a suspension order, or require a certificant to meet certain conditions related to the case.


Following the completion of a Conduct Complaint review, the Resolution Officer or the CRC will issue a Final Decision and Order (Decision). If Conduct Code violations are found, this Decision may include a range of disciplinary actions including: ineligibility for certification/re-certification; certification conditions; public or private reprimand; certification suspension; or, revocation of certification.


Following the issuance of an adverse Conduct Case Decision, a certificant/candidate may appeal all or a portion of the Decision. The appeal must explain the reason(s) that the certificant/candidate believes the Decision should be reversed or modified. If accepted, the appeal will be referred to the Conduct Appeals Committee (CAC), which will review the appeal and issue an Appeal Decision.


A Conduct Case will be closed when: (a) a Charge Statement has been rejected as the basis for a Conduct Complaint, and all related appeal rights have ended; (b) a final Decision has been issued by the Resolution Officer, Conduct Review Committee, or the Conduct Appeals Committee, and all related appeal rights have ended; or, (c) a Conduct Complaint has been terminated or withdrawn by the complainant(s). 

Under specific circumstances, a candidate/certificant who has been the subject of certification suspension or revocation may request that PTCB reinstate certification, or permit a certification reapplication. In addition, certificants subject to probation orders may be reinstated to full certification following the expiration of the probation term, so long as all conditions have been satisfied.


Certificants/candidates with any questions concerning the Conduct Case Procedures should submit the question(s) by email to or by mail to:

2215 Constitution Avenue NW, Suite 101
Washington, DC 20037